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All shipping containers are basically large, weather-proof steel containers used to transport and store cargo along the oceans, but often over the years shipping containers have added many other names as well. Shipping containers initially came into use with the advent of the ocean freight, which meant that cargo could be transported and stored far from land ports or sea ports where it would be shipped to its final destination. Over time shipping containers came to comprise many different sizes, but at present all standard sizes are basically the same. They can range in height from six feet to ten feet and can weigh as much as two tons. As shipping containers have become more common, storage containers of all sizes and shapes have also become available, and the most common types are those used for residential and commercial purposes. For example, mobile storage containers and mobile storage sheds are widely used in the United States. Shipping containers Durham NC offers exactly what you need for the best storage options.

Mobile Storage Companies

Mobile storage spaces are used when space is at a premium and the storage space that would be provided by stacking containers is insufficient or expensive. These containers are usually placed on the ground and secured with hooks and poles so that the container can be moved if needed without risk of it falling or damaging anything when it is moved. In terms of safety, mobile storage containers provide some measure of protection against fire and damage from weather. However, this protection is only available if the storage containers themselves are treated and maintained according to certain safety standards. When it comes to weather protection, the only protection that these containers offer against damage is against extreme temperatures, such as hot sun and wind.

Renting Containers for Storage

When it comes to renting containers for storage, the major advantage that is enjoyed is the availability of these useful and versatile products, which can be used for almost any purpose. Mobile storage containers can be used for a wide variety of storage needs, including storing trucks and other large vehicles at the storage lot, protecting items that can easily be damaged during shipping processes and even storing personal belongings that tend to deteriorate with time, such as furniture and clothes. The price of shipping and storage space will always remain on the rise, and this makes the utilization of shipping and storage containers even more attractive to many consumers. A wide variety of containers is available, ranging from simple and inexpensive plastic containers that are used for a number of different applications, to heavy-duty and customized storage units that can be rented for long periods of time and are capable of storing large quantities of materials.