Carpeting or Wood: Which is Better On Your Floors?

In the last fifty years, carpet has been the most popular choice for homeowners. It has become quite convenient to have and very easy to clean. If you don’t want to move on a chilly hard floor when you wake up in the morning, having a carpet will help you avoid that situation. It’s not only warmer but it adds to energy performance also.

Colors and Textures

It is possible to select from a selection of colors and textures. The appropriate color could make your room look much larger than it is. It is important to find good padding since it provides insulation for heat and absorbs excessive noise. People opt for carpet over wood for several reasons. New carpet is safer than wood because children and the aged could easily fall and get injuries on wood. Carpets are installed on stairways for more safety from falling. If you reside in a condo or apartment, having carpeting will lower the sound of footsteps so you won’t disturb your neighbors.


If you have children, they like to play and run and it is very raucous to the person below. Fortunately, apartments do have carpeting, but many condos have hardwood floors and it could become a noise problem. Carpet is less expensive than wood both in materials and installation. The expense of wood and getting it put in goes significantly beyond installing carpet. If your affordability is low, carpet is the best option. Naturally, there is no need to carpet each room, and you can put wood where it will serve your purpose. It really is rare that you see a home where the kitchen and bathroom have carpeting instead of wood or tiles.


If you have damage to the floors, carpeting can help cover some of them. Whenever your carpet covers the damage on your floors, your room could very well look brand new. It will give you a new mindset without a lot of expense. This can be the best way to solve the problem of having damaged floors. You can now appreciate having company over to show it off. One last benefit of having carpet instead of wood is that you are going to find it easier to sell your home with carpeting. Carpets will not show any damage that would be hidden underneath while seeing scratches on a wooden floor is a turn-off. Completely new, fresh-looking carpet is definitely appreciated by the buyers.

A lot of potential buyers prefer neutral tones for carpeting so in case you plan to get new carpeting to help sell your home, you should get that. And so whatever kind of flooring that you decide to use, you’ll be able to go to the floor stores and they will help you pick out the right flooring for your home.